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Mike has originated and operated many successful businesses ranging in scope from international trade, commercial finance, commercial and residential real estate development, and magazine acquisition and relaunch.

He has traveled extensively in Europe, Eastern Europe, Caribbean, and the United States.  He has resided in Colorado, Florida, Arizona and California.

From 2004 to 2007 Mike initiated and operated two multimillion dollar commercial and residential real estate development companies.  His expertise includes land evaluation, acquisitions, legal entitlements, site designs, building designs, financing, team assemblage, team management, scheduling, exit strategies, accounting, legal management, marketing, sales, and industry networking.  His efforts resulted in profits exceeding ten million dollars.

From 2008 to Present Mike has worked with a number of businesses ranging from start-ups to established organizations.  These positions included development and interaction with board of directors, evaluating, creating and implementing technologies, e-commerce marketing programs, Client Resource Management  (CRM) tools, customer service techniques and strategies, marketing strategies and accounting best practices. 

In addition Mike oversaw corporate structure and legal advice from several disciplines, investor relations, supply chain optimizations, finance, human resources, product management, and strategic business alliances. 

These organizations/industries included commercial contractors, medical office operations, wholesale and retail product suppliers, construction, real estate development, financial services and insurance.

In addition Mike regularly provides advisory direction to his business piers. Some key advisory interactions include the implementation of both long and short term key strategies focusing on channel management, infrastructure, business software, processes, and control mechanisms ensuring the success and growth of the businesses.


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